NutriWise - Mocha Hot Chocolate

  • $13.49

Do you enjoy hot chocolate drinks and are looking for a healthy version that you can add to a weight loss diet? Then opt for our Mocha Hot Chocolate, the taste is amazing and at only 80 calories per serving you can drink it guilt-free.

Just like with our other products the ingredients have been selected very carefully so that you can enjoy a nice flavor, but without taking in many calories or fat. By carefully selecting the food and drink that you consume you can enjoy good taste and still be well on your way to reaching your weight loss targets.

In addition to the low calories the Mocha Hot Chocolate contains 15g of protein which means that you will get a nice boost of energy after consuming it. So for all you hot chocolate lovers try it out and you might find a new drink that you will be more than happy to add to your weight loss diet.

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