NutriWise - Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

  • $13.49

For a delicious and smooth hot chocolate drink that contains marshmallows check out our Marshmallow Hot Chocolate. Despite the name it is actually a weight loss friendly drink that you can have on a regular basis. This is because each serving contains only 85 calories and 1g of fat. The ingredients have been selected very carefully to allow for a delicious rich taste without increasing your daily calorie intake by much.

If you feel like there isnt much variety in your diet at all then you need to look for healthy meals, snacks and drinks that you can add in order to get that much needed variety. You dont want a situation where you are so fed up with your diet that you begin to eat junk food.

Therefore, check out our Marshmallow Hot Chocolate drink and you will have a new and exciting drink that you can have as often as you please. It is priced very competitively and you can rely on the quality to be of a high standard every single time

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