NutriWise - Chocolate Instant Protein Drink

  • $13.49

A craving for chocolate can be a total weight loss killer, but our Chocolate Instant Drink Mix can tame those cravings. Unlike thick shakes, our NutriWise Chocolate Drink Mix really hits the spot when what youre really craving is a glass of chocolate milk.

Enjoy a satisfying and delicious glass of chocolate drink whenever the craving hits. At only 80 calories per serving, its a great option for those times when you want a snack rather than a meal replacement. Its one of the most versatile drink mixes. Blend with water or milk, and serve hot or cold, whatever your mood prefers. You can mix it into coffee for a delicious hot mocha drink to satisfy your cravings, or even whirl it in a blender with a banana and peanut butter to create your own breakfast protein smoothie.

Each box contains seven individual packets of Chocolate Instant Drink Mix, pre-measured and ready to mix for your convenience. Theyre soy free, aspartame free and vegetarian, and appropriate for any weight loss plan, including bariatric and diabetic diets. Our low prices make it easy to keep a few on hand to deal with your chocolate cravings at all times.

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