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Refreshing Orange Grapefruit Juice

Prep Time
5-10 mins
1 Servings

Vitamin C playing an immensely important role in keeping your body happy and healthy, we've concocted a light and refreshing drink harboring nutrients from both oranges and grapefruit. The perfect cold drink for a hot summer day, this delicious blend of citrus contains only 120 low calories, and with zero fat, it's the way to go this summer.



  1. Place juice and pulp sections from 1/2 grapefruit in a blender with cold water
  2. Blend on high for 30 seconds, add drink mix and blend on low for 10 seconds


Calories 120 • Protein 13g • Carbohydrate 18g • Fat 0g • Fiber 6g

Exchanges Per Serving

Meat 1 • Fruit 1

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