Protein Cup of Joe

Prep Time
5-10 mins
1 Servings

If you want a drink high in protein to start your day off right then you should try making our Protein Cup of Joe. It has 19 grams of protein and tastes delicious! Try it out. 


  • 1 package NutriWise Proticcino Instant Drink
  • 4 oz. prepared decaffeinated coffee
  • 4 oz. skim milk


  1. Mix Proticcino with prepared decaf coffee and skim milk.
  2. Combine with the ice in blender.
  3. Blend at high speed for 45 seconds.


Calories 128 • Protein 19g • Carbohydrate 11g • Fat 0.3g • Fiber 0g

Exchanges Per Serving

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