Our Approach

 At Nutriwise, we count board-certified physicians, fitness, wellness, health and nutrition experts as part of the circle of counsel and development team behind our diet and weight loss programs. Our diets are specially formulated to help anyone achieve their weight loss goals. It doesn’t matter if your needs call for a 30-pound weight loss or a dramatic, 100 + pound weight loss; there is a diet program that serves all your needs and is right for you. View our diet plan selection online or call: 800-915-5122 any time and connect with our trained, knowledgeable staff who will be more than happy to answer your questions and guide you as you choose the Nutriwise diet program that’s right for you.


Simple Steps to the Nutriwise Weight Loss








Nutriwise Diet Plans are incredibly simple to follow; they have been tried and tested and have consistently delivered great results. Replacing your meals and snack times with the right foods is key; Start by choosing 7 meals or snack items from over 100 options. Your selection includes meal replacements such as shakes, puddings and smoothies; and then protein supplements like soups, fruit beverages, snacks, breakfast items, light entrees, hot drinks or desserts. These choices are measured and portioned perfectly to help you start losing weight in a healthy, consistent manner. Every meal or food item contains ideal amounts of protein, low calories, carbs and fats, and high levels of required nutrients. The amount of weight you lose is dependent upon how many meals you replace.


No Need to Starve with Nutriwise


 At Nutriwise, we understand the human aspect of dieting; it’s extremely difficult and rare to see someone beat hunger and cravings with sheer willpower; if the food intake is not satisfying or tasty, you will most likely, eventually give in to bad food choices. The Nutriwise diet plan is formulated to prevent just that; our food options are filling and delicious. We’d also taken the tedious meal planning work out of the equation; you know what you will be eating each day, without having to worry about taking a huge chunk of time to figure it out. Our diet programs schedule eating times for every 2-3 hours, so you won't have to go hungry and willpower your way through the weight loss process.


Lean/Green Meal for Dinner

 Nutriwise diet plans are not exclusive; we understand you’ll be wanting variety and fresh foods as well; there is room in the program for store-bought fruit and lean, green meals for dinner as well. Utilize our shopping list guide and recipes to help you choose the right foods that fall in line with your new lifestyle diet. Not only will this complement your new diet; it will help teach you a new way of shopping and great new cooking habits that keep off that excess weight for life.


Maintain a Healthy Weight with Nutriwise


 It’s common to “yo-yo” in and out of healthy weight counts; however, after you’ve invested your money, time and energy into a drastic weight loss procedure or program, you can’t afford to go back. The Nutriwise diet programs promote healthy lifestyles beyond the initial dieting phase that gets you to your target weight. The Nutriwise maintenance program is designed to support our clients long-term, offering encouragement, information, resources, and education on proper healthy eating, cooking and snacking. This includes important details like portion control and which nutrients to focus on to keep from giving in to cravings.