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Tips for Self-Care During the Holidays
Holidays are here, and we get excited for the gifts, the seasonal soundtracks, and the food. However, between all the planning, cooking, shopping, and trying to survive with all other 100 things we want to do during holidays, it is not a lie that most people forget about what is important to stay mentally and physically healthy. We do not realize all the stress that this can cause to us; therefore, here are three simple tips that you should take into consideration to enjoy these holidays without forgetting about yourself.
      1. Exercise 
        Exercising is essential for our bodies during the festivities. Staying active and having a physical activity is highly recommended to reduce all the stress that we might have during this season. Exercising is an excellent way of self-care that will improve your mood and will combat any negative feeling. We tend to skip our workout to go to seasonal activities, but is essential to try at least go for a 10-minute walk so we can maintain our exercise schedule.
      2. Sleep
        During the holidays, we often tend to go to bed late between all the family reunions and the outings with friends. Inadequate sleep will always be a problem for emotional and physical health and can lead to other side effects. Try to get as much sleep as you can when you don’t have any holiday dinner or party the day before. Eliminate your caffeine intake after 2 pm and try not to drink too much 2 to 3 hours before going to bed.
      3. Pamper Yourself
        This is, I believe, the most important tip you need to follow these holidays. We forget about ourselves because we are too concentrated on planning the best holiday party and trying to finish wrapping all the gifts. We completely forget about having a good experience and enjoying the good moments that make us feel happy. Therefore, a great way to give yourself a present and pamper yourself is doing something that makes you feel good. Try this by giving yourself a relaxing spa day, or just taking a warm and bubbly bath. Just try simple things that will stress you out and make you forget about all the holiday craziness at least for a few hours.

In conclusion, just take advantage of the time during the holidays. Plan ahead all your events and things you think will take you a lot of time and you will surely survive the holiday season. And don’t forget to rest and give yourself the time you deserve to exercise, sleep and pamper yourself.

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