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Proteins and carbs; a couple of the most important parts of a healthy life. Now there are huge benefits to both, but only through a proper balance will one achieve that energy and strength that everyone desires.

To begin, one must understand the roles that each respectively has in the maintenance of your body.

Proteins have quite a few roles in the body ranging from muscle tissue construction to the creation of enzymes that speed up the chemical reactions necessary to digest carbohydrates and fats.

While carbohydrates usually take the job of providing the body with energy, protein is capable of doing that and more! Protein not only provides the building blocks to repair your muscles after a particularly difficult workout, it also enables the body to work hard to produce antibodies that can beat back and keep the immune system strong and consequently your body more resistant to disease.

While dietary needs vary from person to person, (due to age, weight and overall health) sufficient amounts of protein will keep your muscles stronger, you feeling energized and keeping your appetite satiated for longer periods of time. NutriWise has a large selection of protein bars and meal plans created by a team of dedicated and highly trained dietitians that will keep your body supplied with energy while promoting muscle growth.

Carbohydrates are slightly trickier to handle as there are two different types of carbs that must be known. Now usually when we think of carbs we think of pizza or french fries, but there is another type of carb that is vastly more beneficial for you. While unfortunately many tend to indulge in processed carbs that generally are much higher in sodium and much more calorically dense, carbs that are all natural and come from whole foods work much more efficiently when digested and broken down.

For example; a single chicken strip from TGIF is approximately 319 calories whereas an entire cup of steamed veggies is only 118 calories. The veggies take up a considerably more space in the stomach, providing you with nutrient-dense unprocessed and natural carbohydrates that will not only keep you full for a longer period of time but will lead to a body working closer to peak efficiency. In short; trade the french fries in for natural foods that give you considerably more nutrients.

However, it’s quite rare to have someone who can resist the intoxicating aroma of freshly made pancakes. In addition to their Golden Delicious pancake mix, NutriWise provides an entire menu with a myriad of options catering to low carb variations of normally high carb foods that will keep the nutrition in check without having to sacrifice the flavor.

Now, how do these two work hand-in-hand? It enables your body to be able to burn more calories while both at rest as protein isn’t capable of being stored by the body, whereas complex carbohydrates are and they end up working together to speed up metabolism and burn more calories both at rest and during strenuous exercise. In addition to that, carbs provide the energy necessary to enable the protein to bind to the chemicals that are needed to create hormonal proteins like insulin and oxytocin that stabilize blood sugar levels as well as stimulate muscle growth and lessen protein breakdown. Without protein, the body wouldn’t have what’s necessary to generate tissue and muscle to not only maintain the body’s strength but to increase it as well. Without the proper carbohydrates, the body would no longer have the energy to engage in the processes that protein is required to engage in for it to be beneficial.

In summary, a protein-rich diet is a great thing to have if you want to lose weight and keep healthy however natural carbohydrates are vital for the body to have the energy it needs to keep on going. It is absolutely important to find the proper balance for you to have to live a happy, healthy and long-lasting life.


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