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Hitting the gym and firming up the body is an excellent choice for anyone in the majority of Americans who live the sedentary lifestyle to maintain the body and keep it working properly for a much longer time. Now if you find it difficult to remain cool during the summer, especially in a dry place like California, maintaining fluid intake is an absolute must before, during and after the workout as well.

In addition to water, it’s best to have fuel before and after the workout to ensure that you get the very most of your strength and cardio training. Not doing so will leave you light-headed, lethargic and at a higher risk of injury during your workout. In addition, it also reduces the amount of strength and muscle tissue that you would otherwise gain.

It is highly recommended to eat your meal an hour before your workout commences and it’s also noted that in this case, carbs are perfectly fine to have as they’re capable of converting into glucose. Glucose is what muscles use to keep working at maximum power, a deficiency of this would make your muscles weak and you lose your will to finish that last set or mile. Good sources of carbs include toast or pieces of fruit (like mangoes or bananas). NutriWise’s Classic Cappuccino pairs quite well with a protein cookie to keep you feeling full and strong enough to power through any workout that comes your way, though for athletes protein needs are most definitely increased as their workouts may have a significantly longer duration.

Besides carbs, ensuring you have the proper amount of protein is also vital as protein allows you to repair the micro-tears that are created when you train your muscles (especially during calisthenics and strength training) and enlarge them. Sources of easily digestible protein are recommended in moderation so that you don’t choke up halfway through the workout. Good sources of protein include nuts and milk, however, if you feel hard-pressed for time, NutriWise provides a wide selection of delicious protein bars like peanut butter and jelly crispy and chocolate coconut that will keep you well fueled through the extra set during that dreaded leg-day. If protein bars aren’t your way, NutriWise provides a plethora of protein shakes with wonderful and delicious flavors such as banana and cheesecake all created by a full team of dedicated dietitians that provide all the nutrition without sacrificing the satisfaction.

So you’re done with your workout, your muscles are worked and need rest as well as proper fuel to begin the regenerative process necessary to strengthen your body. The first thing to do after a workout is to hydrate as soon as possible. Being able to regain your lost fluids from sweating is paramount to having a body capable of improving itself. Now keep in mind that pre-workout meals do NOT need to be overdone at all because a lot of the food you’ll need it afterward.

Carbohydrates are still an important part of a post-workout meal, however, these carbs must be complex in order to provide the muscles the energy to begin the reparations of the light tears sustained during the workout. With carbs, a good post-workout meal calls for a high amount of healthy and lean proteins that will be utilized to enlarge the muscles and make them stronger. A good example of a meal like that would be a simple quinoa or brown rice (or even both as a mix) with cilantro and salmon with lime juice on top with a cup of mixed vegetables. The complex carbs of the quinoa with the lean proteins of the salmon will keep your body moving forward towards all of your health goals.

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