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Favorite Low-Fat Snacks

Snacks are a significant part of a regular healthy diet for everyone: children, teens, and adults. Snacks are the easiest way to control the hunger and to control the portions of our meals. However, choosing the right snacks are the tricky part when we want to snack during the whole day. There are so many options out there that seems to be healthy, but they happen to be high in sugar, they have refined carbohydrates or high levels of trans fats. After eating all those unhealthy snacks, most people feel guilty because of all the sugar and calories they consumed. Therefore, we have some great low-fat snack options for you that are healthy and enjoyable.

  1. Vegetables:
    Fresh vegetables are always the perfect low-fat snack to eat anytime. They are easy to prepare and to carry with you anywhere. Try preparing some carrots, broccoli, and celery that you can keep in the refrigerator to grab and go. Also, you can include any dip like hummus or low-fat cream cheese to accompany your veggies. Vegetables are a colorful, tasty and nutritious snack.
  2. Nuts:
    Nuts are an excellent choice of snack because they are natural and also easy to carry with you. Nuts, such as peanuts, pecans, almonds, and walnuts are full of protein, vitamins and many other nutrients. This is a low-fat snack very popular in diet guides and that you can enjoy any time of the day.
  3. Fruits:
    Fruits are mostly the number one item on the list for low-fat snacks. They provide the necessary vitamins and fiber for your body. Also, the sweetness of the fruits is perfect for sugar addicts to satiate the cravings. Some options of fruit snacks are apples, peaches, grapes, and strawberries. Combine them with a low-fat yogurt or a spread like a peanut butter.
  4. Herb Crackers:
    The best part of herb crackers is that there a variety of options to choose from. Tomato, rustic, cheesy, onions, sour cream, and more are some of the choices you have to satisfy your taste buds. They are usually served as a low-fat snack at parties or work meetings; you can have them as your to-go favorite snack, too.
  5. Popcorn:
    Many people are confused about popcorn being a healthy snack, and the truth is that it is indeed a healthy snack in any means. Popcorn has 14% of your daily fiber intake, 5% of iron, and 4% of Vitamin B. If you do not add any butter or sort of dressing to your popcorn, you can enjoy it as many times you want during your weekly diet.

Snacking is part of our daily diet even if we are not on a strict diet. Be conscious of what you eat every day and especially of what your snacks are made of. Having low-fat snacks could help you lot to achieve your diet goals.

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