Some might ask – why do we do what we do?  Why offer such high quality diet products at such affordable prices? The answer is simple; our customers are our inspiration! There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing your customer’s lives are being changed for the better because of what you can offer them. We are inspired by the commitment and determination our customers have as they go along their weight loss journey. Nutriwise diet plans are our way of offering support to our weight loss warriors and making a difference in the lives of people who are ready to make a change for good.

Check out incredible Nutriwise customer transformations, what they have to say about our diet plans and learn about their amazing stories.

We started in July and lost almost 100lbs between us, it was simple to follow, no counting, no fuss, we both look amazing and feel better too." Thanks!
Fred & Jacque B.
I never thought I could enjoy a weight loss program like I did. I began using the meal replacement shakes along with low carb diet plan and instantly started losing. I didn't work out as much as I should but still was able to lose 38lbs in 4 months. I kept it off for over a year, sticking healthier,low carb meals,and substituting a shake for breakfast and sometimes lunch. The 15 grams of protein per shake helped curb hunger and maintain energy. I have encouraged friends to try and they have also loved these shakes. They taste so good. Recently after not working for a year, I found I was not eating healthy and beginning to gain weight back, so back to the plan with no worries about losing a few pounds and maintaining a weight I'll be happy with. The shakes are the best tasting of any I've ever tasted, it's like having a desert several times a day.
Michele C.
I have been using your supplements for about 8 months. I have went from 232 pounds to 172 pounds. I still have about 40 more pounds to lose. I honestly don't think I could have done it without the chocolate fudge cake supplement. I love all the delicious snacks. I have no doubt I will reach my goals this time.
Johanna H.
Your Products are the best. I have lost 100lbs in a year using these.
Renee R.
Have lost 59 lbs and went from size 42 waist to 36 since January.
Joseph B.
I started the program in July of 2010 and have lost 49 lbs. I am still working on trying to lose at least 10 more lbs. With the help of Bariatric Diet Supplements products, I know I can do this!
Tina E.
I turned 21 years old and I was 258lb. I was very disappointed with my body and myself. I decided to do something about it! I researched many programs until I found doctorsbestweightloss.com their program is not only easy but the support I receive from their team is one of a kind. Their great variety of shakes and bars has helped me reach my weight loss goal. Today I have lost more than 60lb's and I feel GREAT! I continue to trust doctors best and I keep eating their incredible meals and snacks to maintain my weight. Thank Doctor's Best.
Arin M.
I use to be 260 lbs. At age 24, I had routine blood work done and found out I had high cholesterol and was borderline diabetic. I had to make a change. I began the protein modification diet back in July of 2010, because I refused to get bariatric surgery, knowing I was capable of making a change. Because of my low carb, low calorie lifestyle, and of course exercising, I can proudly say two years later I weigh 150 lbs..
Amy C.
It was just 2 years ago that I stepped on the scale and weighed in at 384 pounds. I realized that if I did not do something to get the weight off I would not be around to see my children grow up.Today, I weigh 198 pounds. I have gone from a size 4X to a 36. 186 pounds gone forever! I know that I would not have been able to obtain my weight loss and keep the weight off without the help of Doctors Best Weight Loss.With their great variety and taste I enjoyed losing the weight.Thank you Doctors Best Weight Loss! I could not have done this without you!
I am very excited about my successful weight loss. I had reached the 280's and I had no energy or drive to do anything. Emotionally I was in a bad place because of my weight, but physically my weight was really beginning to affect my health. I had to take antacids on a regular basis to help with constant discomfort. I was out of shape and easily winded when walking up a flight of stairs. Until a friend approached me about Doctorsbestweightloss.com I was hesitant at the beginning but managed to get started. I have lost 90lbs and my energy today is great. I love walking and sometimes running. Doctor's Best has a great support team that will guide you along the way and a delicious variety of healthy food. If I can do it anybody can!!!Thanks Doctor's Best
Since I started the "Doctors Best Weight Loss" Program I have lost 58 pounds! I was motivated by my college friends to start a new phase in my life and thanks to doctors best "Bariatric" products I have achieved that dream. I will continue my weight loss journey but not without the help, motivation and delicious products of the Doctors Best Team.
I have enjoyed many products from Bariatric Advantage and Doctor's Best Brand especially the coffee and banana flavored shakes. I am so pleased with my weight loss and wish I had done my surgery years earlier. Years prior to my gastric surgery, I spent thousands on liposuction which only decreased my weight by only 10 pounds but the pain I suffered during the recovery time which took 4 months was not worth all the trouble. After all that pain I suffered and the cost of the surgery, I gained all the weight back and added 10 more pounds within the first 6 months . I am 4'11", 48 yrs. old, and was 168 pounds and now am back down to my original weight of 105 pounds when I was in my 20's and love having my old body back.
Denise D. Estrada
My name is Elana and this is my story: After graduating high school, I had to move out from my parents house which made me spiral out of control and suddenly gained 25lbs within 6 months. I stopped exercising, going out, doing the things I loved. After weeks of job hunting Doctor's Best Weight Loss decided to make me part of their team and eventually changed my life. I immediately decided to take advantage of the support and decided to begin their weight loss program. I dropped 10lbs the first two weeks. I never felt restricted or deprived, and I enjoyed the flexibility and freedom the plan provided. So far I've lost 30lbs and I am no longer embarrassed to go out and do the things I love. I am very grateful to have found a support system such as Doctor's Best.
Once I retired from pro football, my struggles with weight gain, high blood pressure and cholesterol really took a toll on my health. Doctors Best Weight Loss helped me regain control of my weight, my health, and the quality of my life.
Keith Sims