NutriWise - Pasta Fagioli

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Enjoy classic Italian flavor without sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Nutriwise Pasta Fagioli is a melange of savory Tuscan flavors, packed with penne pasta and kidney beans swimming in a zesty sauce filled with vegetables, sausage flavor and crushed tomatoes.

Our Pasta Fagioli Dinner provides a full 13g of protein and 4g of fiber, along with a hefty helping of vitamins A and C. With only 200 calories per serving and 7g of fat (no trans fat!), its an ideal meal choice for lunch or dinner on just about any weight loss plan.

Its easy to take our Pasta Fagioli dinner with you for quick lunches or when youre traveling for work. The shelf stable packaging requires no refrigeration, and is ready in just two minutes in the microwave. You can enjoy the zesty taste of Italy even when you dont have time to cook from scratch.

Next time youre craving something a little spicy and very filling, give in to temptation with our delicious and nutritious Pasta Fagioli dinner. It will satisfy those cravings without knocking your weight loss plan off track.

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