NutriWise - Irish Cream Hot Chocolate

  • $13.49

For an amazing hot chocolate drink that you can have on a daily basis check out the Irish Cream Hot Chocolate. Each box comes with 7 servings, and each serving contains only 90 calories and 1g of fat. This means that if you are on a weight loss diet then there is no problem in adding the Irish Cream Hot Chocolate to your diet.

Selecting the right drinks is just as important as eating the correct food. For instance, if you drink a lot of soft drinks and high fat milkshakes then that is very counterproductive if you are attempting to lose weight. By selecting healthy low calorie drinks such as our Irish Cream Hot Chocolate you will have a better shot at reaching your weight loss targets.

So buy a box of our Irish Cream Hot Chocolate and see how tasty low fat drinks can be when selected carefully.

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