NutriWise - Chocolate Chip with Icing Protein Cookie

  • $13.99

Is chocolate chip temptation wearing away at your weight loss resolve? Fight back with great taste! Our Chocolate Chip Cookies with Icing are high in flavor, but low in calories, making them the perfect choice when youre craving something gooey and sweet.

Chocolate chip cookies are usually the ultimate diet buster, but when you can have chocolate chip cookies that bulk up your protein without packing in extra calories, you dont have to give up your diet to give in to your cravings. Our chocolate chip cookies are packed with a full 14g of protein and only 160 calories, but youd never guess it from the chocolate-y goodness in each bite.

Dont let a craving for chocolate chip cookies sabotage your weight loss efforts. Keep a box of our NutriWise Chocolate Chip Cookies with Icing on hand to help you stay on track. Each plump cookie is loaded with chocolate-chips and drizzled with chocolate icing.

Each box contains seven servings of high-protein, low-calorie Chocolate Chip Cookies with Icing. They fit in with any weight loss plan, and are bariatric friendly. Best of all, our low prices make them as friendly to your wallet as they are to your waistline.

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