100 Calorie | Divine Peanut Pretzel Protein & Fiber Diet Bar (7/Box) - NutriWise

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For the diet-friendly version of the NutriWise Divine 15g Protein & Fiber Peanut Pretzel Protein Bars, you will want to try these 130 calorie bars. Smaller in size with fewer carbs and calories, these 130 calorie protein bars are still divine!

Too much of a good thing? We don’t believe so. NutriWise Divine "Lite" Protein & Fiber Bars have a sweet and salty crunch, with a creamy peanut coating. NutriWise Divine "Lite" Protein & Fiber Bars deliver on delicious taste, optimal convenience, and bariatric nutrition. You can’t predict what might happen in your busy life, but you can always be prepared. Keep protein bars in your office, backpack, car, and gym bag so you’re always able to satisfy hunger no matter where you are.

A good snack has enough protein to tide you over until the next meal, but not too many calories or carbs. NutriWise Divine "Lite" Peanut Pretzel Protein & Fiber Bars provide 10 grams of protein and only 130 calories. Plus, they have 1.5 grams of filling fiber to help you stay on track with your weight loss diet.

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