NutriWise - Strawberry Meal Replacement Protein Shake

  • $18.99

Mmm, strawberry! Keep your cravings in check and your weight loss on track to your goal with the creamy goodness of our Strawberry Meal Replacement Protein Shake. Our strawberry shake is a thick, rich, low calorie alternative to the typical fast food thick shake.

The Strawberry Meal Replacement Protein Shake provides 35g of protein and 4g of fiber, along with 19 essential minerals and vitamins, all for just 240 calories per serving. Enjoy our shakes as a meal replacement on their own, or use them as a base ingredient for delicious desserts, like a Super Thick Chocolate Float.

Drop a chocolate shake packet into your gym bag so you'll have it handy to rebuild your protein reserves and your energy after a draining workout, and keep a spare envelope in your desk at work for those days when you have to work through lunch.

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