NutriWise - Cream of Tomato Diet Protein Soup

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Nutriwise Cream of Tomato Soup and a grilled cheese sandwich is a lunch combination made in heaven. The gooey cheese and crisp bread is the perfect pairing to the creamy, rich tomato taste of Cream of Tomato soup. For any time of day, and any meal, Cream of Tomato soup is a great meal to fill you up.

Nutriwise Cream of Tomato soup is quick and easy to make. You can prepare it in the microwave or on the stovetop. No matter how you heat it up, within minutes you will be sipping on a steaming bowl of Cream of Tomato soup. This soup is soy free and gluten free, which is great for those who have food allergies.

In addition, Nutriwise Cream of Tomato soup is saturated fat free and has low carbs, low fat and low calories. All of these low amounts are in comparison to the large amount of protein this soup had, which is why a meager bowl of soup can be used as a hearty meal replacement. The box also comes with seven servings so you can eat this palatable soup every day for a week to keep you looking slim.

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